End of Summer Loving

Is your garden looking dry, dusty, parched? Time for some loving to help make the most of the tail end of the growing season. Our favourites for helping your plants look their best at this time of year are :

Soil Solver Clay Plus –
How does Soil Solver turn sand into soil?
“The most fertile soils contain a mix of textures – plenty of minerals, clays, silts, sand, organic matter and humus. This provides a moist and friendly environment for soil organisms to live in along with the nutrients they need to grow and multiply. All we have in our Perth gardens is silica sand. If you buy a ‘soil mix’ you are getting compost with more sand and will still not have any clay or silts. Soil Solver Clay Plus provides the missing clays and silts,”

Troforte Liquid a nice boost for all your plants, along with the added benefit of adding microbes to your soil. A healthy soil is the key to your plants looking amazing. Your soil is the soul of your garden.

Seasol a long time stalwart of most garden sheds, A fortnight application of seasol will benefit ALL plants. Seasol is a fantastic tonic for stressed plants (great at this time of year!) Basically it helps nuture the plant at the roots, making them more receptive to fertilisers for sustained growth.

And of course mulch! We have a great range available from the ever popular Lupin, to Moisture Mulch and Pine Bark. Something for every garden.

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