Confused? Unsure what to do?

Do you ever look out at your garden and wonder what I am going to do with this mess? Or perhaps the garden needs a fresh eye to look at it? Much like our wardrobes (and our lives) sometimes we just get stuck and need a clear out and a revamp. Our gardens and outdoor spaces are no different. Having a calming outdoor area, a retreat from this busy world is not difficult to attain. It certainly doesn’t have to be a dramatic landscape change. Quite often we have most of what we need, it may just require moving or being utilised in a different way.

At Garden Elegance we have over 40 years experience in helping you create YOUR pleasure garden!

Home consults are also offered at very attractive rates. This is a perfect way to see your space through fresh  eyes. In our own homes we tend to see the problems before the beauty.

A dream garden is only a visit away, and it doesn’t need to cost the earth.

Come in and see us in store or phone 9381 2197 to arrange a consult with Sarah.

Sigh, I love my garden but it needs work. A home consult would be so handy
Goodness that box hedge needs a feed, I wonder which is the best fertiliser to use?
So many plants to choose from, which ones will suit my garden?

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