I know it’s cold and wet and the couch and the heater is sooooooooo nice…… BUT your garden needs you and you need your garden. Effort now will reward you in Spring and Summer with a fabulous garden to enjoy when it warms up again. And, as an added bonus you’ll be looking great too as gardening is brilliant for the body and soul.

Raking leaves and debris from the garden: Dead leaves are a great addition to your compost. T It is always best to remove old leaves etc as otherwise potential pathogens get into the soil and this can cause fungal diseases in your plants. A good example of this is black spot on your roses. You will also get a great shoulder and waist workout. Winning!

Adding manures: Do your hedges become yellow in winter? An application of cow or sheep manure will help your Murraya, or Buxus hedge maintain their lush green throughout winter. Kind of like putting a blanket on your garden beds. Another top workout for your upper body too.

Weeding: I know, i know. Get on top of the weeds now while they are easy to pull and you won’t be faced with a daunting task in spring. All that squatting down is a bonus for your behind.

PLANT NOW: There is always room for more in the garden. Winter is the ideal time for planting winter veges, deciduous trees, new roses, camellias, citrus and natives. Digging new holes is fantastic for a cardio workout.

So what have you got to lose?? Just a little bit of couch time and possibly a kilo or two 🙂 Your garden will flourish, you will feel great and the couch will still be there. Happy winter gardening.

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