The Dreaded Chilli Thrip

  1. Remove all affected foliage down to the green growth
  2. Keep the ground raked and free of dead leaf litter, remove weeds & pull back any mulch
  3. Apply Bug Killa (Be mindful this will harm bees if the roses are flowering, so remove any buds in the next couple months)
  4. Put all green waste in general waste not the green bin
  • Prune in July
  • Spray pruned Roses with Lime Sulphur 20ml into 1lt of water, you should also spray the ground (Will protect the rose from Powdery Mildew, black spot, rust, two spotted mites)

At first signs of new growth drench the soil with Neem (20ml into 9lt watering can) and spray the new growth with Neem (5ml in to 1lt). This can also be done with Yates Success. If the chilli thrip are rampant again next spring, we suggest alternating with these two products weekly.

A fortnightly application of Neutrog’s Gogo Juice will help prevent blackspot in the spring. This has been clinically trialled and has been used at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne to great success,

Fertilise with Sudden Impact, Black Magic or Troforte in Spring at the usual time.    

Good Luck!

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