Indoor Plants

At Garden Elegance our nursery is always stocked with a fantastic range of beautiful indoor plants, cherry picked from the best growers in W.A. so we always have the absolute best stock available.

Fiddle Leaf Figs ( Ficus Lyrata) in various sizes for any budget, Calatheas, Devils Ivy (Epipremnum), Ferns, Peace Lilly’s (Spathyphyllum) in many forms and sizes, Palms, Orchids.. just to name a few. We have lots of hanging options and many plants in large sizes to give that instant ready to go look as well as an enormous selection of stylish indoor pots in many sizes to green up any space.

The staff at Garden Elegance are very experienced and always more than happy to provide expert advice on keeping your indoor plants alive and well, as well as provide advice on plant selection for your space that are able to be maintained while fitting into your busy schedule, so that anyone can benefit from the amazing well-being and cleaner air provided by having living plants inside your home.