Bagged Products

We stock a range of bagged garden products from speciality potting mixes, manures and soil amendments in a range of different sizes.

Speciality spotting mixes include premixed orchid, bonsai, acid loving, native and blueberry mix to name just a few, as well as many additive products to tailor you own such as perlite, peat and charcoal if you prefer.

We can provide a wealth of advice for improving Perth’s sandy soils to make sure your garden investment thrives for many years to come, with the correct addition of soil amendments, mulches and fertilisers.

We stock:

  • Baileys soil improver, lawn reviver and premium potting mix,
  • Greenlife Soil Co vegetable mix, concentrate, Charlie Charcoal and various others
  • Soil Solver clay plus
  • Good Earth regular potting mix, speciality mixes, manures and mulches
  • Dsatco Lupin, Triple C and piggy post

We can also organise bulk bag deliveries of almost any bagged product, and we are an agent for Amazon soils for other bulk landscape supplies delivered.