We always stock a large range of fertilisers for all of your garden’s nutrient needs.

Complete controlled release or instant fertilisers, soluble fertilisers, specific fertilisers such as for citrus, flowering, native or greening as well as specific or combined trace elements in various forms.

We always have qualified professional staff available to advise on the best fertiliser for your unique situation, or to identify and remedy specific nutrient requirements in your garden. You can bring in a soil sample for free pH testing, a sample of plant material or even a picture to help identify possible nutrient issues.

We stock fertilisers from these suppliers:

  • Troforte
  • Searles – Flourish
  • Neutrog
  • Baileys
  • Yates – Thrive
  • Manutec corrective elements
  • Seasol and Powerfeed
  • Grow Safe
  • Black Magic rose food