Confused? Unsure what to do?

Do you ever look out at your garden and wonder what I am going to do with this mess? Or perhaps the garden needs a fresh eye to look at it? Much like our wardrobes (and our lives) sometimes we just get stuck and need a clear out and a revamp. Our gardens and outdoor…

Pots, pots and more pots!

We have had many deliveries  of beautiful new ceramic indoor pottery.  Divine prints and colours to suit every home and show your plants off to their very best.  

End of Summer Loving

Is your garden looking dry, dusty, parched? Time for some loving to help make the most of the tail end of the growing season. Our favourites for helping your plants look their best at this time of year are : Soil Solver Clay Plus – How does Soil Solver turn sand into soil?“The most fertile…

Traditonal Elegance

A constant for beautiful, timeless style – wrought iron, concrete and large leafed plants. We have a gorgeous selection of elegant pieces to bring the romance back to your garden. Whether you are revamping or starting from scratch we have the perfect item or items! to make your ideas come to life


Create your citrus orchard now! And you can do this in a patio situation or even a balcony, because we have some great advanced dwarf stock that is perfect for pots. The only requirement is at least 6 hours of full sun a day! We have Eureka Lemons, dwarf and full size, Tahitian Limes, dwarf…